Dying with the “Leftovers”

So I had dye left in all three jars from my previous gradation trial and decided to do a little experimentation.

What would happen if I “watered down” each of the dye solutions with chem water?  Would I get a progression of color getting lighter and lighter as the dye solution was watered down?

Using the simple chart (see below), I arranged 5 pint-size canning jars with 1 tsp salt in each and added the amount of leftover “Mustard Yellow” dye solution plus “chem water” (also leftover) into each jar and mixed thoroughly.

Then I set up 5 more jars and used the same chart but substituted the leftover “Bordeaux” dye  solution for the Mustard Yellow, adding the salt and mixing thoroughly.

  Mustard Yellow Chem Water
Jar #1 5 Tbsp 0
#2 4 T 1 T
#3 3 T 2 T
#4 2 T 3 T
#5 1 T 4 T

I submerged 10 fat eighths into the soda ash solution (left over and saved as well), rung them out and put one in each of the 10 jars.  Then, just as I did last week, I added the jar lids, turned the jars upside-down, and continued flipping the jars every 20 minutes for the next 2 hours–then let them cure overnight.

This is how the ProcionMX Dye “Mustard Yellow”  & “Bordeaux” turned out:


There was a significant different between the first jar and the last–however the two or three darkest colors didn’t show as much of a change.

Next I’m going to see what will happen if I “water down” the Navy Blue leftover dye…I’d like to try to create some “sky fabric” for a project I’m working on (Fall scene of the Wisconsin Capitol here in Madison).


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