Watering Down the Navy Blue Dye…

So today I’m going to see what happens if I use the left-over ProcionMX “Navy Blue” dye solution I used last week to try to make 3 gradated blues for sky or water-like fabric.

I prepared three fat quarters of 100% cotton fabric by soaking them in the left-over soda ash solution (now used for the third time) for 30 minutes.

I then prepared three quart-size jars for dying the fabric by adding 1 tsp salt in each and using the chart below to measure out the dye solution (leftover from last week, dye powder already mixed with chem water):

  Navy Blue Dye Chem Water
Jar #1 1 cup 1 cup
#2 ½ cup 1-1/2 cups
#3 ¼ cup 2 cups

I measured in the amount of premixed concentrated dye into each jar, added the 1 cup chem water to the first jar–instead of measuring the chem water into each of the following two jars, I simply poured in enough chem water to make the liquid level the same as jar 1.  Much easier.

I’m hoping to water down the dye solution enough that I’ll get very light blues–sky blues–for a project I’m working on.


Here are the results–24 hours later:


You’ll notice that because I did the dying in larger jars, there was more room for the dye to be accepted into the fabric and not as much of a “moddled” look.

Not quite the colors I wanted for my sky, but they’ll be great in my stash for something else….maybe water, or a rainy day.


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