Charm Baby Quilt with Lattice and Cornerstones On Point


I wanted to made another baby quilt out of Moda’s bright and cheerful “Bungle Jungle” fabrics, so I gathered the 5″ charms that I had left, and purchased more of their blue “oogle” and “polka-dot” from the same line, adding a white Moda Bella Solid for the lattice.

This quilt is so much fun to make, and ends up approx. 36 x 43″.  Here’s how I did it.


  • 18 charms (5×5″ squares) from one Bungle Jungle charm pack
  • 3/4 yard Ivory Polka-dot (for side triangles & outer border)
  • 1/4 yard white Bella Solid (for sashing)
  • 1/2 yard blue Oogle (for the cornerstones, inner border & binding)
  • 1-1/2 yard Turquoise Critters (for the backing)
  • batting


  • Select 18 charms from your charm pack & set aside
  • From white Bella Solid:  Cut six 1-1/2″ strips width-of-fabric (wof) & subcut each strip into 5″ rectangles (1-1/2 x 5″ each)–you’ll need 48 in all.
  • From blue Ooogle:  Cut six 1-1/2″ strips wof–save 4 strips for the inner border, subcut 2 strips into 1-1/2″ squares (for cornerstones).  Cut four 2-1/2″ strips wof & save for binding.
  • From Ivory Polka-dot:  Cut four 4-1/2″ strips wof & save for outer border; cut two 7-1/4″ squares & cut each diagonally from corner to corner (4 corner triangles); and cut three 10-3/4″ squares & cut each diagonally twice to form side triangles.


Sew the long side of 18 white sashing rectangles to one side of the 18 charms.  Then arrange them on your design wall (or floor) until you like the color placement:


Sew the diagonal rows, and add a white rectangle to the other side of each; press seams toward the charm square. (Hint: Leave space between the diagonal rows on your design wall for the sashing rows.)

To create the sashing rows, sew a blue cornerstone (C) to one end of each of the 24 remaining white rectangles (R) & press towards the cornerstone.  You’ll need to piece them as follows & place them on your design wall.

  • 2 (C+ R+ C)
  • 2 (C + R + C + R + C + R + C)
  • 2 (C + R + C + R + C + R + C + R + C + R + C)
  • 1 (C + R + C + R + C + R + C + R + C + R + C + R + C)


To piece the top together, start sewing from a corner, add two of the side triangles to your first row, and then add the corner triangle.

Start at the corner

Start at the corner

Add the side triangles

Add the side triangles

Then add the corner triangle

Then add the corner triangle

Work your way down to the center of the quilt, adding the side triangles to each row and sewing diagonal rows together–matching the seams.  Press seams away from the white lattice.


When you reach the center, go to the opposite corner and work your way to the center in the same manner.  Then sew the center seam and add the two corner triangles.

Using a large square & long rule, work your way around the outside of the quilt and trim it so there’s about 1″ of the Polka Dot fabric from the outside of each blue cornerstone.  (NOTE:  The triangles were over-sized, so you’ll have a nice margin–no matching seams!).

Add the blue inner border, and then add the larger outer border.


And you’re ready to baste & mark for quilting!  On this quilt, I used my domestic machine for quilting straight lines following the sashing in-the-ditch, but extended the lines into the border using chalk & a ruler.


I used a walking foot and cotton white thread for quilting…


And here’s the finished product, after quilting & adding the binding!


So much fun to make.  But if you don’t feel like making one, and want it, I have it for sale on my Etsy Shop.  🙂  …and a matching bib/burp cloth set.

Happy Quilting!


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