Starting the New “Timeless Treasures Eclipse” Quilt Top

Sometimes fabrics just “speak” to me…I saw this fabric at the Sun Prairie Quilt Show Vendor called “Eclipse” by Timeless Treasures and just had to get a few fat quarters.  I have a pattern in mind.

Timeless Treasures "Eclipse"

Timeless Treasures “Eclipse”

Years ago, I had purchased “Boxed Blessings” by Ingrid Barlow, but had never tried it.  I liked the idea of the thin boxes that seem to “float” over the background 4-patches.  But instead of opening the pattern, I decided to go to figure it out on my own using my EQ7 software to see what I could come up with.

Starting with a grid of 7×7 (and a 7″ block), I created the main block.  I love the fact that you can download fabric (or their jpeg equivalents) into the Electric Quilt 7 fabric library, so I can use the actual fabric when I play around with designing the quilt top.

After several drafts, I chose to use the striped fabric from the line for the thin boxes, and to use the other fabrics in the 4-patch-like background.

Here’s an exported photo of the finished EQ7 sketch:

EQ7 image

After adding some yellow and grey fabrics from my stash, the next decision to make was the final placement of the blocks.  I knew I wanted to make them 4 across & 6 down (so no box would be broken)… decisions, decisions decisions!  I have to learn not to stress out over it, this is supposed to be fun, right?  And I have to keep in mind that no decision is ever wrong  …it’s all a matter of personal preference.

So up the blocks go on my design board for a little scrambling & playing…  I could do this (and  have done this) on the software–but its more fun to play with the real thing for the final decision.  🙂


Should I mix them up completely?


No, not quite right yet…


This is the one I’m going with…

After making that decision, piecing the rows & columns began.


Here are a couple rows of blocks lined up on my ironing board–I had enough for two quilts.

Oh no, … I don’t have enough fabric for the borders, binding & backing!  After a trip to one of my favorite area quilt stores, no luck 😦  They didn’t carry that line, and nothing else even remotely worked.  So it’s more shopping, in the car or online…

In the meantime, I’ll start piecing the second quilt–mmmmmm, I wonder what it might look like “on point”…

…to be continued!


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