Just Do It! …Quilting, that is…

Just Do It!  That old slogan from a shoe commercial a few years ago, really rings true…even when it comes to quilting.  The more time I spend doing, the more I improve, the more I learn, and the more I think up new ideas to try!

Last time I showed you a layout of a new quilt I’m making that uses the lovely fabric line “Eclipse” from Timeless Treasures.  I ran out of fabric, and wasn’t able to find any on my last “field trip”.  I contacted a wonderful quilt store in Madison, Stitcher’s Crossing, and was told they had some in stock!  Joy!

After doing a little “happy dance”, I drove over to the west side and found almost half a shelf full of the delightful line. Sharon (the owner) chooses so many beautiful fabrics, including many of the more “modern” styles.  So inspirational!  I don’t know about you, but going into a quilt fabric store and viewing all the fabrics (for me) is like a kid in a candy store–so much “eye candy”.  And everyone was so helpful–I needed second opinions for the borders, and all the help I could get–there were just too many choices!

In the end,  I was able to decide on just the perfect fabrics for the borders of my first quilt, and a backing for both designs…

Here’s the EQ7 sketch of my first quilt, and the finished top (to be quilted):

EQ7 image Rectangle1

As I was working with the fabrics on the design wall, and playing with the EQ7 Software, my first idea just “morphed” into another layout idea.  That’s what I mean by “just do it”…the more I play around and actually do it (quilt), the more the creativity flows and the more I learn to have fun and experiment.

So from a printed out EQ7 sketch, I added some black borders and some thicker black lines.  It makes the center “box” seem to float over the other four.

Here’s the sketch (pen on top of the EQ7 printout) & the final pieced top (not quilted yet).

Square1draft Square1

Next is the quilting.  I think I’ll start with the first quilt on my mid-arm machine and do some sort of circular or curved pattern.  I’ll wait until I’m done with that before I make a decision on the second (square) quilt.

I can’t wait to show you the finished quilts and the coordinating backing fabric!!

…to be continued…




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