Continuing Saga of the Leaking Rowenta Pro Steam Iron: Bottom Line–Don’t Buy Rowenta!


They’re just not the company they once were.  Once upon a time, their reputation was good, the irons were reliable.  But in the past few years, their reputation has gone down-hill.  So, do your research, find a better company to buy your irons from.  I’m afraid that Rowenta knows they have a problem with their irons (especially this particular model) and they just don’t care, and refuse to back up their product.

Just 6 months after they “repaired” my Rowenta Pro Steam Iron Oct/Nov 2013 for it to start leaking yet again!  (see the problem details below for Oct 2013–towards the end). It’s developed a slow leak in the bottom of the water tank–just like the first one, just like the second one!

I called the 1-800-ROWENTA number (#5) and talked to Pete, the customer representative.

This is what he told me:

  • He understands the problem, but there’s nothing he can do
  • The tank wasn’t meant to hold water (…are you kidding me?)*
  • I’m supposed to know to empty the tank EVERY TIME I USE THE IRON (again…are you kidding me?)
  • It’s past the 1 year warrantee, so they’re really not required to do anything (…doesn’t matter that the original iron, the replacement iron, and now the “fixed” iron ALL broke down & leaked within 4-6 months)

*I’m sorry Pete, your excuses “don’t hold water” either!

He said he’d email me a postage label to send the iron in “FOR EVALUATION” (not necessarily to be repaired), and have his supervisor call me.

  • I did NOT receive the label
  • No representative has called (as of this posting)

He also told me that Rowenta is coming out with a new steam-generating iron that will have two removable water tanks–to make it easier to empty and swap.  So that means they KNOW they have a problem.

BTW I asked for a refund–no;

I asked for partial refund–NO;

I asked for “credit” towards the new model coming out–NO;

I asked for credit towards a different Rowenta product–NO.)

So–after all this frustration, I’m writing Rowenta OFF. And I’m warning my fellow quilters.  ‘m just hoping, someday, a representative will contact me so I can tell them what I think.

In the meantime, I’ve ordered a new GRAVITY Hot Steam SGB-600 from Wawak Sewing and Supply.  It’s a gravity fed steam iron, so the water doesn’t heat up in a tank (like the Rowenta).

I’ll let you know….




The story began in the late spring (May) of 2013….

After 20 plus years of faithful service, my “Rowenta Duo” iron finally “gave up the ghost”.  It developed a crack in the iron itself and leaked (–the final death of most irons–).  So I was thrilled last Christmas (Dec 2012) to receive a beautiful new Rowenta Pro Iron Steam Station  from my son (what a sweetie!).  I love the burst of steam I get when ironing and the light weight of the iron–because all the water is in the “station” (tank).

Sadly, after only a few months of enjoying my new toy, it sprung a slow leak somewhere in the tank area–completely ruining my ironing board cover and making it impossible to use.  😦

iron leak

So I contacted Rowenta by phone, expecting them to give me a hassle.  To my delight, they told me to box it up–they’d send me a paid shipping label by email immediately–and that they would send me a brand new iron within a few weeks.

So off to UPS I went with the boxed up iron–that very same day (early May).

Later that month, I found out they are a company of their word, because a brand new iron arrived at my doorstep… 🙂


It’s working great. But the true test will be the test of TIME–will it work just as well months from now.

I’ll keep you posted!


The saga continues…mid-October 2013

It only took a few extra months (June-Oct) for the brand new replacement iron to leak at the steam tank (somewhere)…ruining my brand new ironing board cover, and frustrating me to no end!

I called Rowenta…again. They said this time they could NOT send me a new replacement, but they did offer to pay the shipping to have this one repaired.

So….luckily I had saved my shipping box and re-packed it, adding their label, and driving it down to my local UPS to ship it  to Little Rock, Arkansas.

I wasn’t happy to be without an iron, having to use my very teeny tiny, but efficient, travel iron in the meantime.  But the good news is that I expected it to take weeks and weeks–but to my amazement, it was returned to me this week!  (Oct. 30), only a little over a week from when I sent it in!

So far so good–it seems to be working.  It looks like they totally replaced the steam tank & cap.

….will it continue to work and not leak after a few months?

…can we trust Rowenta to be true to their word if it does?

…will I have to deal with this problem again, and again?

STAYED TUNED…I’ll keep you updated on…

The Continuing Saga of the Rowenta Pro Steam Station (a story that might go on and on and on)…


11 thoughts on “Continuing Saga of the Leaking Rowenta Pro Steam Iron: Bottom Line–Don’t Buy Rowenta!

  1. I have the same opinions.they all leak eventually. So has anyone found one that doesn’t bc I read reviews on oluso & reliable & still issues if one kind or another

    • I have found an iron I love. It’s a gravity steam iron by “Hot Steam” that I bought through for under $100. I’ve had it for over a year & no leaking, no sputtering. I’ll have to write a blog on it in the near future.

  2. My iron started leaking yesterday. Since it is (barely) out of the warranty period, my husband decided to take it apart and see if he could find the leak. There were just 5 screws holding the assembly together. With it open, we refilled the tank and started heating it. Within a couple of minutes, we could see water bubbling and leaking from where the brass valve is inserted into the aluminum water tank. It appears that it wasn’t sealed properly. Once the unit cools, he is going to seal it with silicon which should withstand the high temperatures the system produces. Hope this helps anyone else having this issue!

    • Bravo to your husband for being able to take it apart, find the problem, & come up with a solution (my dad was always so handy like that). I’m sure this info will be helpful! Thanks for sharing.

    • I also hate Rowenta irons now and am wondering what brand to buy as a replacement…. NOT ROWENTA! I have Professional Model DX8860 and it leaks horribly from the base and has soaked my ironing board pad. Thank you, Colleen Zittlosen. I will have to try this myself. Since I am not handy, what kind of silicon? I am wondering if it is even worth the effort. I am also wondering which iron to buy in the future. Not Rowenta after all the bad stuff I read about it. In fact, I am worried about ANY iron.

      • I’ve used my new GRAVITY Hot Steam SGB-600 (that I ordered online through Wawak Sewing and Supply.) for over two years now and simply LOVE it!! No problems at all with leaking and lots of steam! I highly recommend looking into this type of iron if you use it a lot.

  3. I have also got the same problem with my Rowenta Steam station Pro Precision 400,leaking all over the place and steam coming out the base, and I have always regularly cleaned it out, so very disappointed with Rowenta!! Have now purchased a Kalorik steam station ,I have had one of these irons previously and it was great,and way less expensive than Rowenta.

  4. There is a trick!!!! Don’t bring your receipt and buy it from Bed Bath and Beyond. That way when you go to return it you will have NO Problems. They accept it as a return no questions asked and Rowenta is forced to eat their product which IS awesome… until it breaks. So far paid for one and received 1 replacement per 9 months. Yayayay! Only in America!!!

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