Art Quilt Wallhanging of Devil’s State Park

Ever since I was a little girl, the family (first with my own mom & dad, later with my husband & children) loved to take the trip up to Devil’s Lake State Park in Wisconsin and hike the bluffs.  The quiet lake is so serene, and the bluffs change color with the seasons.  I wanted to make a quilted wall hanging of a scene from the lake path viewing the opposite side of the lake in full color.

I found the perfect watery batik fabric, and then searched through my stash of hand-dyed and batiks to come up with the colors I needed.  Then started cutting and “pasting” the horizon and water.


To create the land on the opposite side of the lake, I cut up the fabric (confetti style) and carefully placed the different colors across the fabric base, adding tulle netting and pins to keep everything in place.


Then very carefully took it to my sewing machine to quilt the layers together, so none of the “confetti” fabric moved.


After quilting the sky & water, I wanted to add a rocky shoreline in the foreground.


I tried piecing individual rocks to the foreground, but the cut fabric just wasn’t working.


Then, in my stash, I found the perfect rock fabric–and cut it into sections to replicate the shoreline.


It wouldn’t be a trip to Devil’s Lake without seeing the turkey vultures soaring over the bluffs!  So I just had to add them.  So I hand-drew and then thread stitched a close-up of one, with several smaller ones “soaring” in the background sky.


Here’s the finished, bound quilted wall hanging–about 15 x 20″ finished.

It’s at my shop on Etsy.



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