Wonder Clips are Wonder-ful…

PB&J start

It’s been way too long since I last blogged…life’s been busy…but I have been happily quilting away.

Here’s the newest baby quilt–Falling Charms pattern made with “PB&J” designed by Basic Grey for Moda.

I’ve tried every gadget to help hold the binding while hand-stitching it to the back–from straight pins (ouch!) to a new gadget that dispenses clips like a Pez dispenser, but nothing was perfect.  I just discovered Clover’s “Wonder Clips”, and they simply are wonderful!

Clips in box  Clips in box 2

I’m sure you can find them at your favorite local quilt or fabric store, or online.  They come in a storage box and look like miniature plastic clothespins.  Such as simple idea…


Just sew the binding to the front of the quilt, roll the edge over to the back and  hold it in place with the clips…


Easy to put on and take off–and no more pin pricks or worrying about the pin that fell s-o-m-e-w-h-e-r-e in the sofa while I was hand stitching!


And they hold down the corners very nicely to get that crisp bias edge.

I highly recommend them.

The PB&J Falling Charms quilt was fun to make, and now up for sale at my shop.

PB&J 3

It’s made with PB&J Moda charms & crisp white Moda fabric.  The backing and binding are also from that PB&J line.

PB&J 5

I free-motion quilted swirls and squiggles to cascade down the white space between the charms…

PB&J 4

and a simple flower into the center of each charm block.

I love the feel of the fabric–it’s almost a 40’s feel, but it’s also got that modern twist to it.

Happy Quilting!



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