Honey Sweet Dresden Progress

We saw snow, sleet, hail, and rain all in one day–along with very high wind warnings…only in Wisconsin.  A good day to stay in and sew!

The Moda Honeysweet fabric is all here!  Sometimes I think the hardest part is taking that rotary cutter and actually cutting into the beautiful fabric…

Cut petals

But I did it!  I’ve cut into the layer cake squares to make the “spokes” or “petals” for the eight Dresden Plate blocks I’ll need for this quilt…

Petals wheel

Here’s the original block I designed with EQ7 software…I had to create my own template since this block has 12 petals and the Dresden Plate rule I have is for 20 petals!  It’s amazing how math comes back to you when you really need it…

HoneySw Dresden

The blocks are progressing–the “petals” are connected, and I’m in the the middle of applique process…

Ready to appl

There are so many ways to applique.  I decided to use a buttonhole stitch by machine…

Closeup appl

…and use Sulky variegated cotton thread in a rich golden shade.  I tried a darker brown on a sample, but I like the way the gold blends in (although either would have worked).

It won’t be long before I can delve into making the alternate connecting blocks!  🙂

Happy Quilting!


Mulberry Patch Quilts


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