Leaves on the Forest Floor art quilt

I’m so excited to have been accepted by the jury to show several of my art quilts this summer at the McGregor-Marquette Center for the Arts.  They’re located in McGregor, Iowa–just across the Wisconsin/Iowa border. If you go to visit, be sure to stop at the beautiful Effigy Mounds National Monument for a hike, and the Old Man River Restaurant and Brewery for some of the best hamburgers we’ve every tasted!

I want to make a few new pieces to take with the others later this month, so I’ve started working furiously this past week…

One of my new pieces is a replication of the forest floor.  As I was taking a hike last fall, I looked straight down and was amazed at how beautiful the fallen leaves were against the forest floor.  I took several photographs, hoping to some day make a quilt.

A few days ago, after laying a background fabric onto my batting and backing, I fussy cut leaves out of some of my batik and hand-dyed fabrics.  Next, I  took them to my machine and free-hand quilted them each down, trying to emphasize the veins in each leaf.









It took some time (a few days actually) to carefully free-hand quilt around each and every leaf…I have to take several breaks.









I decided it needed a little spark of color, so I did a three-piece border surrounding the main leaves…it has a peach batik narrow border, with a very small folded 1/2″ strip, and then a border of background fabric, bound in the same stripe.









Here it is, finished…and it does remind me of the hike in the woods.









My next piece is going to replicate autumn leaves in full color, using the “confetti” quilting technique…

Happy Quilting!


Mulberry Patch Quilts




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