Art Quilt Backing Technique for Hanging on Wall

I’ve been working furiously this week-end on creating a new autumn leaves art quilt using the “confetti” technique to add to my collection for the McGregor Marquette Center for the Arts display (opening May 16th).

Starting with a piece of my hand-dyed aqua fabric as a background, and shredding up several different hand-dyed shades of red, green, brown, black and yellows, I started “painting” by sprinkling the “confetti” onto the background.


then adding tulle netting and heavily free-hand quilting it with variegated cotton thread in shades of green, gold, red.  Finally adding the tree trunk and limbs in black fabric, quilted in black cotton thread…


I decided to try a new technique for backing the art quilt.  I first stiffened it by adding Pellon craft fuse-on interfacing to the back lining, and then cut four squares (5″ each) and pressed them in half–adding them to each corner of the back of the quilt.  The raw edges are sewn into the binding and the raw edges will be encased when I fold the binding to the back and hand stitch it closed.


Then I can simply add a thin wooden dowel to both the top two triangles to hang it on the wall, and I can add another dowel across the bottom (tucked into the bottom two triangles) to keep it from “curling” over time.


I’ve seen this technique before on some “Pinterest” sites, and I think it might be the best way to hang smaller art quilts.  So for the smaller ones (those under 24″), I adopting this technique from now on.  There are a lot of great tutorials out there…here’s a great 2 minute tutorial via Craftsy by Beth Ferrier:

For my larger art quilts, or for those going to shows, I’ll add the usual hanging sleeve in the traditional way.  Here’s a tutorial for how to do that:

All that’s left to do is to add my label to the back, and my art quilt is finished!

On to the next…

Happy Quilting!


Mulberry Patch Quilts

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