McGregor Marquette Center for the Arts Trip

So we drove over to McGregor Iowa this past week-end and dropped my art quilts at the gallery of the McGregor Marquette Center for the Arts.








It’s a beautiful setting and I got a peek at some beautiful artwork to be on display soon.  Can’t wait to go back after they’re done with installations– after May 16th when the gallery opens officially for the season.

While in the area, we took a hike up to Fire Point at the Effigy Mounds National Monument.  Although not many flowers are out yet, we did see a few.  And the views of the Mississippi River from the top of the bluff are worth the hike.











But even more exciting was catching the view of an Eagle landing in a tree close to us.









Now that I’ve finished the art quilts and dropped them off–I’m ready for the next project.  I have a lovely Moda “Sweet Serenade” jelly roll calling my name!  I’m thinking of a 9-patch with narrow sashing between being surrounded by wider sashing–all medium grey.









On to the next quilt! …

Happy Quilting!


Mulberry Patch Quilts






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