Paper Pieced Border Collie

I’m back…seems like a long time since I last posted.  June was a very busy month:  family home, vacation in Door County, and then more extended family visiting.  So life is “back to normal” (whatever “normal” is), and so I’ve taken time to start a new quilt.

Have you ever tried paper piecing by machine?  Not “English paper piecing”, but actually piecing using a line drawing on paper?  It’s fun, once you get the “rhythm” of it.

At first, everything seems to be the opposite of what you’re used to because you’re piecing to the back of a piece of paper with a line draw pattern on the top.  But once you get going, it’s actually relaxing and satisfies that part of me that loves puzzles.  In the end, all the pieces “fit” together…or at least you hope they do!

I saw the cutest paper piecing patterns at the EQ (Electric Quilt) store: EQ Boutique (also available at Janeen Van Niekak’s shop). After purchasing, I immediately emailed the designer, and she graciously gave me permission (all the way from South Africa) to use her patterns to create quilts or quilted wall hangings for sale in my Etsy Shop.

Now I somehow had it in my head when I envisioned the patterns that each animal would turn out to be 6 or 8″ squares.  I was going to use them as pieced blocks in a baby quilt with sashing.  However, when I downloaded the patterns I realized that each animal was much bigger than I had anticipated (each one about 30″).  Yikes.

There were too many pieces to shrink the pattern for small blocks, so on to “Plan B”.    I decided to try my favorite animal pattern–which she calls “The Sheep Dog”–and shrink it down to 20″ instead of 30″.

I actually think it’s a border collie–and not a sheep dog…don’t you agree?  Although it was with the farm animals probably to herd the sheep.

Take a look below at the piecing progress…

First the mouth

First the mouth










Then the nose was added

Then the nose was added

The shoulder

The shoulder









One ear

One ear & eye

Other shoulder

Other shoulder











more of the head

more of the head

other eye

the other eye










Another ear

and last, the other ear

Here's what the back looks like (with the paper still in)

Here’s what the back looks like (with the paper still in)










I only completed one section a day–so it actually took much longer than it seems by the photos.  It’s very time consuming.

Here’s the final Sheep Dog, with border…ta da!



After completing the pieced dog, here’s what the back looks like.  I had to take out each piece of paper before finishing the quilt.









Just need to quilt and bind it.  Pretty cute 🙂

I counted almost 90 pieces in the dog alone…whew!  But it was both a challenge and fun.

Have you tried paper piecing by machine?  I don’t think I’m ready to make all the farm animals in my pattern collection–but I may try another one at some point.



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