Better Way to Organize your Bobbin & Thread


How to organize your bobbins & thread

Old way

After storing my bobbins with my thread wrapped with a rubber band (see my blog here), I found it took too much time to get the bobbin on and off.  There must be an easier way…right?



I recently purchased some ponytail bands from the store.  I find them useful for keeping my charger cords in order.   The “light” went on…these will work great for storing my bobbins too…

I found that by simply “threading” one end of the ponytail holder through the center hole of the bobbin…

And then feeding it into the center of my thread spool…


INSTANT ORGANIZATION! …It’s a much easier way to store your bobbin with your thread…



Oops!—seeing the photos (above),  I noticed put a grey thread (bobbin) on top of my cream thread spool!  Oh oh.  Oh well, two out of three’s not bad.  (I’ll fix that.)

Until next time, HAPPY QUILTING!!


Mulberry Patch Quilts


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