Halloween 2 Quilt

Since I had some of the cute fabrics left from the Halloween Quilt, I went into my EQ7 (Electric Quilt program) and decided to design a second quilt using the fabric I had left over.

EQ7 Halloween 2It took several tries, but finally came up with this idea—kind of a topsy-turvy block set.

I had just enough of all the fabrics left to do it.














Here’s the individual block centers being fussy cut…my remainder looked a little like swiss cheese (so many holes)!


And here they’re surrounded in either the black/orange stripe or candy corn…


It took me several tries before I figured out the math to cut the right size rectangles (sliced corner to corner) to create the triangles to make the blocks tilt!


And a little trial and error as well to remember how to piece them! There’s a “trick” to this trick-or treat quilt!


But in the end, I think it will work just fine…I used an eyebrow pencil to mark the area to square up the tilted block.  (Eyebrow pencil will show up on the ruler, but is easy to wipe off after you’re done–and it doesn’t come off while your working as easily as dry-erase pen.)


All that’s left is to piece the rows & columns, add the borders.  I’ll post the final photos of both Halloween quilt tops soon.



Mulberry Patch Quilts



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