Madison Quilt Expo—3 Day Adventure!

Have you ever been to the Madison Quilt Expo?  I go every year.  Some years only one day–other years, two days.  Sometimes I volunteer, sometimes I just go with a friend to the vendors/quilt show/lectures.  But this year, I decided to go all out and go all three days…and (for the first time) I actually had the courage to enter one of my quilts.  What an adventure!

I was so excited and honored when I got the letter in the mail a few months ago that my Hydrangea art quilt was accepted!


I was so happy, just to be in it.

Hydrangea Quilt

I did a blog awhile back on making this quilt: “Lake Washington with Blue Hydrangeas”.

And how I dyed the hydrangea fabric a deeper blue and fussy cut the individual flowers; and (using a shibori dye method) how I made the water fabric with ripples for the lake.

It wasn’t a prize winner, but I was happy to just have it show with all those talented quilters’ creations!

Quilt at Expo

Quilt at Expo with

I was certainly a happy camper!

Me and my qult

If you’ve never been to the Expo, or would just like to see some of the beautiful quilts from last year—The Expo site has four videos featuring quilts from last year’s Expo:

Just click here.

Next time I’ll share with you  highlights from some of the classes I attended, and (of course) shopping with the vendors…

Until next time, HAPPY QUILTING!


Mulberry Patch Quilts


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