Madison Expo Class—Photo to Fabric

As promised, here’s my first blog about the Expo.

This lecture was “From Photo to Fabric” given by Mary Alice Hart.  I loved it.  She was organized, easy to follow, had wonderful overheads, and great examples of her work to share with us.

Click here to see her blog.

Photo 1

Here she’s explaining how she created the beautiful close-up of the daisy in fabric by blowing up the outline of a daisy photograph to create patterns.

Photo 5

The pattern pieces are individually cut out of freezer paper, attached to the various fabrics, and then carefully appliqued.  Notice how she uses tulle to create the shading in the daisy above.

Photo 7

This flower has texture, created by fusing a product called “Texture Magic” to the fabric.  Isn’t it breath-taking?

Photo 6

I love the quilting lines she uses to finish the quilts.  The contouring really brings the piece to life!

Photo 4

The quilt of the tiger just blew me away!  Amazing!

Photo 3Photo 2

Her talk was excellent.  If you ever get the chance, be sure to take a class from her.

Until next time,



Mulberry Patch Quilts


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