My Crazy Christmas Trees Quilt

I can’t believe all the snow we’ve gotten in Wisconsin over the past few weeks, and it’s not even Thanksgiving yet!  But, two good things have come of it:  (1) I’m grateful I can keep warm inside and work on my projects, and (2) it puts me in the mood to begin a project for Christmas!

Snow covered bird feeder

Snow covered bird feeder with birds








I’ve been interested in a pattern by “Pieces from my Heart” for a beautiful crazy patchwork Christmas Tree quilt and just bought the entire fat quarter line of fabric from Moda called “Winterlude” by Three Sisters (see below) that might work perfectly.

Winterlude Fabric Moda

I arranged the fat quarter pieces (cut down to 12×18” rectangles) into three piles:  reds, greens, & creams.  (The blues will be saved for a future project.)  I ironed the freezer paper patterns to the top piece of fabric in each pile.  The hardest part was cutting into the fabric…slicing into 10 pieces at a time with my rotary cutter.  Yikes! …what are the odds I’d cut something wrong?  But it worked…happily there were no surprises.

After cutting, I “shuffled” the individual pattern pieces, and then began sewing.  It’s like putting the pieces of a puzzle together (I love puzzles)…

“Numbering” each piece or pieced set helps keep me keep organized so I can piece ten blocks at a time…I use the round stickers from the dollar store.

Piece by puzzle piece, the lower half is done…it’s fun to see it progress.  Each block takes on a life of it’s own.

Ta da! And here’s what one block looks like complete.  The blocks still need to be trimmed to size, but I have to wait until after all of the 30 blocks are done.

Ten green blocks down, twenty (ten red, ten cream) to go!

Until next time, keep warm!  and HAPPY QUILTING!!


Mulberry Patch Quilts


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