Crazy Christmas Tree Quilt & Folded Fabric Ornaments–Distractions


Quick update…  I’m making progress on my “crazy Christmas tree” quilt (see last post)…the green background pile done, beige background pile done…red background pile yet to do!

But…I’ve gotten distracted.  Does that ever happen to you?

I fell in love with fabric folded ornaments, and just had to make some using my Moda Winterlude fabrics…















I’m hooked and can’t seem to stop making them!  I keep thinking up new ideas to try out…

…like what would it look like if I EMBROIDERED the center?














…or how about WEAVING the ribbons in the center?














Learning to make the cute little bows on the top is fun too.

I’ll keep working on the quilt, it will get done (maybe even before Christmas–that would be nice!)…but now piecing the blocks will have take turns with making ornaments!!

Do you ever get distracted with something new in the middle of a project?  Or can you focus and finish a quilt from beginning to end?



Mulberry Patch Quilts




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