The Round Log Cabin Batik Quilt Progresses…

The Round Log Cabin Batik lap quilt is loaded onto my frame…ready for quilting…  I can’t believe I started this so long ago (October).

Oh…have I told you about my brand new Tin Lizzy long arm quilting machine & frame?  (Maybe it’s really considered a “mid-arm” — 18”).  I’ll tell you more it, and how I redid the basement, in a future blog.  I absolutely love it!

Here’s the lap quilt on the frame – I’m starting my first row pass (above).

I decided to try using a “pantograph”—working from the back of the machine, I follow the laser light (see above) along the pantograph path for the entire width of the frame…then tie it off and go back to the beginning, rolling the quilt top onto the take-up pole to match the pantograph up and start again…

Here’s a better view from the other side of the frame—note the quilt is almost done!


I found a beautiful black speckled batik to use for the backing.

Just a few more “passes” and it’ll be ready to take off the frame and bind.  So far so good!

Until next time,



Mulberry Patch Quilts


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