4 Easy (Cheap) Ways to Organize Fabric (part 2)

So in the last post I dealt with organizing fabric that’s one yard and over.  Now we’ll deal with the pieces that measure under a yard…

I purchased this garment folder from REI to help me organize/pack clothes for a trip.  Basically, it has a thin board that you use to fold your clothes around.  You slip out the thin board and stack the clothes in a neat little pile into your luggage.  Great idea…and then the “light went on”…this will work for fabric just as well!

#3 One-third to One Yard Fabric

So…I decided to use this idea to flat fold my fabric (about 1/3 to 1 yard) for stacking on the shelf.   Start by pressing the fabric  with selvedges together, then fold one more time.

Then grab a folder–they’re about 9-1/2 x 12″.  If you don’t have a folder, cut a piece of thin cardboard about that size.

Center it on the piece of folded fabric, and then fold each raw edge over it…

And press!  Finally, slide the folder out…(to re-use again)…

and fold it in half once more time and press

This is the perfect size to stack on a shelf.  If you have most of the folds facing the front, you can easily see what’s there and grab a stack when you’re looking for that special batik, or color.

Next time I’ll post about an easy (and cheap) way to store or organize your fabric under 1/3 yard…



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