4 Easy (Cheap) Ways to Organize Fabric

For some reason, at the beginning of each new year I get the urge to clean up and organize things.  How about you?  Is it the cold Wisconsin winter with no distractions of gardening? Or is it just the realization after Christmas is over that I’ve got too much clutter?  If you’re the same way, and have stacks of hoarded collected fabrics in various sizes, I’ll share with you the tips I discovered that work for me to organize fabric in my teeny tiny quilt studio (sewing room)…

TIP #1:  Two yards or more

Anything two yards or more gets rolled onto a used fabric board.

These cardboard fabric boards are free (free is my favorite)—just ask at your local fabric store when you see them stacked up by the cutting table.  Most stores are happy to give you a few (you’re being environmentally responsible—and “recycling” too)…they’’ll just throw them out anyway.

Iron your fabric (folding selvedge to selvedge) and simply roll it onto the board.  You can find your fabrics easily—and it looks so pretty…and it’s feel good, like you have my own little quilt fabric shop!

TIP #2: One to Two Yards

These are large enough you want to see them too–but you don’t want them taking as much space as the larger boards.

So lay your fabric selvedge to selvedge, then fold it over one more time and press.

Cut one of the fabric boards in half (I use a kitchen serrated knife), and wrap the fabric on the half-board.

And put these on a shelves that aren’t as tall–takes up half the space.

And doesn’t that look great on the shelf?  A good reminder of what you’ve got on hand.

Okay—we’ve taken care of the fabric that’s one yard and over…what about the smaller pieces (and I’ve got a lot)…

TWO TIPS DOWN, two tips to go…  I’ll share the next two tips in my future posts.  “Stay tuned” 🙂



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