4 Easy (Cheap) Ways to Organize Fabric (part 3)

The last two posts dealt with organizing fabric over 1/3 yard.  Now we’ll talk about organizing all those smaller pieces of fabric.

If you’re anything like me, you can’t resist buying another fat quarter, or quarter-yard, or keeping all those little leftovers just in case you might need them.  That adds up to a lot of little pieces of fabric.  For those anywhere from 1/8 yard to 1/3 yard, I use this technique that’s been working well for me.

TIP #4 Smaller Pieces of Fabric (under 1/3 yd).

I love salads—yummy and good for you—so I found the perfect re-use for the plastic tubs the salad greens come in.

To organize your smaller pieces of fabric, all you need is:

  • A clean left-over salad tub (the smaller size works best for this), and
  • A piece of thin cardboard cut to about 3×5” (or an index card)—or whatever the height & width of your container.

Lay your fabric out selvedge to selvedge, and (whichever way works best, depending on it’s size), fold it over and iron it to about the 5” mark.

Place the cardboard on one edge, and begin folding it over the card until it looks like this (below)…then press.

Slip the cardboard out (so you can re-use it)

And place the folded fabric into your clean plastic salad bin.  Organize by color (or however you’d like)…

I’ve got some by color, batiks by color in another area, and some are by stripes or plaids, or seasonal prints.

It makes it easy to find the bits and pieces you might need for your next project…and the tubs fit nicely on my particle board white shelving…

Here’s what the organized part of my quilting studio looks like (below)–I won’t show you the rest right now…HA!

There’s more work to be done.  When your “studio” is only about 8 x 10 ft., you have to stay as organized as you can or you can’t move! You should see the mess when I’m starting a new project!

Oh, I also use the larger salad bins to keep strips that cut from leftovers and a bin with 5” squares.  The bins are also great for keeping small future projects together or keep leftover patches.

While catching up (and watching new episodes) of Downton Abby, I did a little knitting, and shipped these new items off to Mikayla’s Grace:

Shipped January 2015






Until next time, HAPPY QUILTING!


Mulberry Patch Quilts


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