Sunset Art Quilt for Project Quilting Challenge

This week I’ve decided to join in (for the very first time) with “Project Quilting” challenge.  It’s a one-week quilt challenge put on by Persimon Dreams, a blog by Kim Lapacek.

I met Kim last year while attending her blogging class at Mill House Quilts, and I’ve been following her blog ever since. Kim was recently interviewed on “Sewing with Nancy” by Nancy Zieman about her “Project Quilting” challenges. I’ve been meaning to join in …  I’m finally ready to give it a try.

The theme & rules were given out (in her blog) last Sunday at noon, and the quilted item has to be done and uploaded by this Sunday at noon.  This week’s challenge is “SUNSET”, and the rules are simple–it must be made during the week of the challenge by applique, piecing, or 3 layers quilted together.  There’s no size restrictions.

The first thing that came to mind was a photo I’d taken last summer when my sister, Judi, came to visit Madison.  I treated her to a night downtown at a B&B right on Lake Mendota.  We watched the sunset from the pier after dinner–it was magical.







First I dug through all my fabrics (mostly the one’s I’ve hand-dyed) to find the right shades.







And I sketched my photo onto a piece of muslin.







I think this piece of commercial batik will work for the skyline.







Cutting into the stash, I tried to create the right shading for the background of the sky and water with the sunset in mind.







A few extra bits here and there of slivers of fabric cut with my rotary cutter will (I hope) help convey the feeling of the sunset and it’s reflection on the water.







When all the bits are placed (some with glue, some not) it’s all covered with tulle.  I used black tulle on the water and white tulle on the sky.







Then I quilted it all with batting and backing on my domestic machine with variegated cotton threads in lots of different colors.







Somehow it seemed to need alittle something more–so (after some experimenting) I added a tree with branches and dark foliage.  I’m hoping the foliage looks like the light is sparkling through it–so it’s making it grey and black.







That’s better…







Here’s the finished project (below).  I’ve just uploaded it to Kim’s blog site.  The challenge deadline is Sunday at noon–and voting starts soon after that!  (It would be nice to get a few votes.) 🙂







It’s hard to crop a perfect edge in a quilt–even when it’s nice and square.  It all depends on the angle of the photograph.  On this one, I tried putting black fabric as a background–but it just won’t do.







This one is better–just shows the black binding.






Here’s a close-up.














This photo has more of the wall showing.  Not sure which one I’ll upload for the contest…maybe this one.

Hope you’ll hop on over to Kim’s blog to see all the contestants, and vote for your favorite!

Until next time,



Mulberry Patch Quilts



14 thoughts on “Sunset Art Quilt for Project Quilting Challenge

  1. I love this! I was seeing my kayak just like this as I love to paddle into sunrise and sunset. I just never seem to have the time to figure out how to create such a visual effect. I always default to the piecing abstract techniques that I know well. Question : you said you use the mesh to hold everything in place and quilt right over it? Is it special iron on mesh?

  2. Thanks Colleen…I love kayaking too, I was wishing I were in that kayak instead of watching from shore. 😊. The mesh is just inexpensive tulle from the bridal/prom dress area of JoAnn fabrics…I used black & white. At first the whole thing had black, but it made the sunset a bit too dark, so I changed the top half to white tulle.

    • Thanks Megan! I love you e your “Project Quilting” art quilt….and your “crumb-pieced blocks”! What a great way of using up all the little bits & bobs we have left after a project. I’m going to have to give that a try…loved your YouTube explanation. 😀

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