Amazing Kaleidoscope Quilts

Have you ever seen the AMAZING kaleidoscope quilts created by Paula Nadelstern?  If not, you’re in for a treat…take a look at these photos…

Kaleidoscopic XVII: Caribbean Blues by Paula Nadelstern

Kaleidoscopic XI: Snowfall by Paula Nadelstern

And see her quilts and interview on this YouTube video at the Akron Art Museum.  Just breathtaking!

And here’s Paula’s website, if you’d like to see more in her gallery:

There’s something about a kaleidoscope that’s always fascinated me…the colors, the symmetry.  Remember those cardboard tubes with chips of colored stone or plastic in the end?  Well, there’s a world of sophisticated kaleidoscopes out there that take my breath away.  I love the surprise when you rotate and see a whole new view of spectacular colors radiating in perfect symmetry from the center. So this year, I’d love to make a few kaleidoscope-like quilts that reflected that beauty and wonder.

Although I’d love to take a class or workshop from Paula Nadelstern (please, please, please come to Wisconsin Paula!), she lives on the east coast and the only workshop/class I see on her schedule in 2015 for creating these lovely kaleidoscope quilts is one in Spain and a cruise to New Zealand/Australia.  (guess I won’t be taking those!)…

But I did find a wonderful article about her quilts and her process in my copy of American Quilter (Spring 1994, Vol X, No. !), “Kaleidoscopic in Design”.  She also has a book on the process–but sadly I think it’s out of print. Anyway, her technique may be a bit too advanced for this quilter, who’s just beginning to get her feet wet!  I also found an article by Bonnie McCaffery in the same issue of American Quilter “Creating a Kaleidoscope Quilt” that seems more do-able for a beginner. 

But then I found a wonderful YouTube demo by Ricky Tims online showing his version of techniques for creating a Kaleidoscope quilt:

And knew I had to purchase his book right away and give it a trial run…just to see if I could do it.  His technique seemed right up my ally, at least as a “do-able” starting beginning.

Ricky gives great step-by-step instructions in his book with lots of illustrations.  At first I thought I could figure it out by just watching the quick video—but no, I really did need the book to keep me on track…it was worth every penny!

Quilt by Ricky Tims

Next time, I’ll show you a few photos of my first attempt at his technique!  (OK, don’t expect it to look like the photo above!!  Remember, I’m just a beginner!)



Mulberry Patch Quilts


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