My Second OBW (One Block Wonder)…Samba Fabric

I couldn’t wait to cut into my “Samba” fabric that I mentioned at the end of my last post.  When I saw it at Quilter’s Compass, I thought it would make a very interesting kaleidoscope effect.  It has so many colors and so much movement.  What a difference from my earlier, more subdued floral table runner!


After tearing the fabric down the middle lengthwise (the scariest part), I layered six panels of fabric together and cut out strips—then subcut the strips into 60 degree triangles (6 of each).     

With each hexagon “kaleidoscope” there are three possibilities—because you can “turn” each triangle three times to create 3 different looks… Here’s an example of one set:

After sewing half-hexi’s (nicely pressed open), I arranged them into piles by color…

I tried to make some sense of the color scheme on my design wall before actually piecing the hexi’s all together… putting the reds off center and then blending them into the blues and yellows and greens.

Here’s the center of the finished quilt top.  A little “LOUD” isn’t it?  But it was fun!

I’m hoping the beautiful deep blue fabric (I went back to Quilter’s Compass to purchase) will calm it down a bit as an inner border.   I’ll add an outer border of the actual fabric yardage and then frame it with blue binding.  I’ll post a photo when it’s all done so you can see how it turns out.

I had a little bit of the fabric (in the 6-layer stack) left over…so I cut some of it into squares, and subcut them into triangles.  I pieced them together to make small kaleidoscope squares (about 4” each).  I want to “challenge” myself to design another quilt or two using these little squares in the center of some kind of blocks.  I’ll share with you what happens in the my blog post…

Until then, HAPPY QUILTING! and Happy Spring!


Mulberry Patch Quilts


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