My Second OBW (one block wonder) Top is Finished

I just had to quickly share with you a few photos of the finished OBW “Samba” quilt top mentioned in yesterday’s post…

I think adding the narrow inner border in that deep blue helped to tone it down a bit.  …don’t you?

I could have stopped there, but decided to use some of the leftover “Samba” fabric to use in the outer border.

It’s always fun (on a OBW) to see the original fabric somewhere on the quilt, whether it’s in the border or on the back.

I love the variety of kaleidoscopic designs the fabric created.

It was so much fun to make!  I’ve already purchased more fabric ( different fabrics of course) to make some more.

Hope you enjoyed seeing the finished top.  I still need some coordinating backing fabric to quilt & bind it to finish it up…but have a lot of projects to in the works right now, so will probably put this one in the “to be quilted” pile for now.

Until next time, HAPPY QUILTING!


Mulberry Patch Quilts


3 thoughts on “My Second OBW (one block wonder) Top is Finished

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