Kaleidoscope 4-Patch Table Runner…the Process

One of the things I loved about taking the Quiltsy Kaleidoscope Workshop Online was a table runner pattern she shared.  I fell in love with this new Jasmine fabric from Timeless Treasures, and bought enough yardage for 4 repeats plus a little more.  Of course I couldn’t pass up getting some accent fabrics from their line.  The red and green really “popped” against the black floral print.

Here’s how I started.  First I cut 4 identical layers of the fabric into strips, and subcut them into squares.  It’s the same process as making a One Block Wonder, only using 4 layers instead of 6, and cutting squares instead of 60 degree triangles!

Then you simply arrange the four identical squares into 4-patches…  Because the floral print is so “tight”, the differences in the blocks are very subtle.

After piecing her pattern together, I decided to try free-hand quilting some feathers.  I thought feathers gave the table runner a more romantic feel…what do you think?

I used a stencil (see the light markings) to help guide my stitching—I’m not completely comfortable doing feathers without a little help!

Here’s the completed table runner…you can see the completed kaleidoscope 4-patches within the three large blocks, and as an accent in between.

Mulberry Patch Quilts Table Runner by Jane Weier

And here’s a close-up so you can see the feathers.


I’ve just uploaded and listed the table runner at my Mulberry Patch Quilts Etsy Shop.  I’d love it if you’d stop by.

What’s next?  I think I’ll use the leftover Jasmine blocks to make a square table topper with some different accent fabrics…after that I’m going to continue exploring Kaleidoscopes…maybe a OBW (One Block Wonder). AND I’ll give you an update on little “Owlie”!

Until next time, HAPPY QUILTING!


Mulberry Patch Quilts


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