Owl Rescue Follow-Up: Owlie’s Progress

HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY to all you wonderful mother’s out there!

I thought for Mother’s Day I’d give you a little progress report on the little owl that got rescued in our back yard a few weeks ago (see blog).

A couple days ago I was taking photos of the spring flowers blooming in my garden…when what should I see…but this


It’s “Owlie” sitting on my fence by the raspberry bushes STARING at me with those big yellow eyes!

He (she?) has really gotten big!  …although you can still see the fluff in his feathers.


And so has his talons!


Although Owlie is still cute, he’s a little more intimidating that when I first saw him.


My first thought was to give the Humane Society another call to come a re-nest Owlie—

but the next time I came out, I found Owlie back in his pine tree next door—clearly able to fly!


So I know little Owlie is going to be okay.  He’s thriving.  His mom and dad are nearby—although I can’t see them, I can hear them.

Besides taking photos, I’ve been hard at work cleaning up my garden…mulching, weeding, re-locating, dividing plants.

And I’ve started a new One Block Wonder (OBW).  I found this interesting fabric—almost a watercolor look.

I’m taking a risk — instead of making a quilt, I’m going to incorporate it into a jacket.  We’ll see what happens.

So, until next time…HAPPY QUILTING!


Mulberry Patch Quilts


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