Weaving: Multi-color Yarn Scarf on a Rigid Heddle Loom

Now for something completely different (as Monty Python would say)! I’m usually blogging about a quilting project I’m working on, but I’m taking a little detour from quilting to learn something completely new to me … weaving.

While my sister was visiting, she won (in a local drawing) a weaving lesson to make a scarf with two colors of alpaca yarn…thank you Fevolden Farms LCC. Seeing her weaving process sparked my interest.

So, we found a lovely weaving shop in Palmyra, The Hook & Shuttle. Jay (the shop owner) was so helpful, patient with all our questions, and very knowledgeable. And while she found a beautiful Schascht Flip table loom, I purchased this gorgeous sports weight super wash wool yarn with hopes of weaving (or knitting) with it later.

I decided to get a small Ashford Rigid Heddle Loom (10”) just to get my feet wet & see how I liked it. The loom comes unfinished and unassembled, so after waxing the parts with Howard’s Wood Polish & Conditioner and letting it dry overnight, I assembled the loom. It was easy—Ashford has a very helpful online video.

Next came wrapping the warp. I used the same yarn for the warp & weft. It’s about 8 inches wide (64 ends using the 7.5 reed that came with my loom) with a warping length of 86 inches.

I did a loose even weave for about 36 inches. This was a great way to start.

See how open the weave is before it’s taken off the loom (above) & how the little square “holes” disappear after wet finishing (below)?

I absolutely love the look of the multi colors in the weave.

I twisted the fringe…who knew? There’s an inexpensive gadget to help.

…I decided to make it more interesting by folding the two end edges on top of each other and securing them with two sewn on buttons to make it into a cowl scarf.

I absolutely love it. I just position the triangle under my neck & loop the excess over my head and around my neck.

It’s light weight enough to wear season, but I think it’ll be great this fall over a long sleeved t-shirt in green or plum (or any of the colors in the yarn).

For my next project (photo below) I tried a similar but shorter cowl with a pattern I bought on Etsy that called for two colors of cotton yarns. I learned to alternate the colors on the end when warping, and how weave with 2 colors (shuttles). But I think I prefer the look and drape of the wool yarn better than the cotton.

It wove up beautifully & I learned a lot…

I couldn’t find the yarns that were suggested in the pattern, so I substituted the reddish/pink & white with pink-speckled cotton threads. Maybe they’re just not my colors.

What’s next? …I found a luscious grey wool yarn with flecks of blue, plum, & yellow from a favorite yarn shop in nearby Stoughton, WI, called Spry Whimsy Fiber Arts. I plan to experiment by adding wool roving to my weft as I weave it for more sparks of color. If it works, I’ll show you in an upcoming post. In the meantime I’m having fun and recommend giving weaving a try.

Until next time, Happy Quilting (or weaving)!

Jane, Mulberry Patch Quilts

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