Jelly Jar Fabric Dying Reveal…

It’s so hard waiting…but the time is here.  It’s been over 24 hours, and I can bring the jelly  jars to the sink and wash out the fabric.

One by one, open the jar and pour it out into the sink under hot water.  (Gloves are not absolutely necessary, but help when using the hot water)…


As you take them out of the jars, just rinse them and set them to air dry and they’re ready to re-use for the next time (that’s what I love about using jars–so much simpler than messy bags…

Rinsed jars and lids, ready for the next time

And some so dark it’s hard to see the color until they’re thoroughly rinsed out…Reveal3

After rinsing as much of the leftover dye (which is no longer active) under the faucet, start filling the sink up with hot water and adding similar colors together–agitating by hand, and squeezing out the water.  Then fill another sink with clean hot water & submerge again…


Until you notice the color of the water changing from a deep hue,


…to almost clear…


Then it’s time to take them to the washing machine.  Hot water, 3 Tbsp Synthropol, and 2 rinses.  After drying in the dryer, here’s what I have:


Next is ironing with a hot (cotton setting) iron, and enjoying the “eye candy”!!


It’s always a surprise–I got a lot more blues than expected!  But that’s OK…


Also notice some were more “mottled” than others due to the way they were submerged in the dye. I have a couple that will make great sky fabric because the dye didn’t completely get into all the the tight little folds of fabric I scrunched into the jar.


More colors to add to my stash for the next landscape art quilt!

Maybe I’ll try using up the leftover dye concentrate I didn’t use to see if I can come up with some other exciting combinations.  Next time!