Iris Quilted Art Project

I love the seasons in Wisconsin.  Don’t you just find inspiration all around you?  The landscape and color changes from month to month. 

For example, just last month I was pleasantly surprised by a new iris I had planted last fall that appeared for the first time…it was so spectacular!  …I just had to use that inspiration to try to create an iris quilted art piece.  So…off to my stash of fabric I went.

Last winter I had “ice dyed” several fat quarters of fabric (for more information, see my blog about ice or snow dying at Let it Snow, Let it Snow…”).  I searched until I found one that seemed to have the right colors (top) and another fat quarter that I had “painted” with leftover dyes (bottom).

Using a photograph for inspiration, I cut a rectangle of batting and fused some background fabrics to it.  Then started cutting out the dyed fabrics for grass, the stem & leaves, and the iris flower itself. If the fabric wasn’t “just right”, I got out my Fantastix ink fabric dyes and started painting in more color or shading. 


In this photo, you can see how the fabric is cut and layered on top of the background.  I love the variation in the color of the ice dyed fabric.

But the piece really comes to “life” once I start machine quilting with cotton threads—some variegated and some not.

I tried to pick some darker shades of thread for definition, and some lighter shades of thread to brighten it up a bit.  What brands of threads do you favor?  I seem to go to my Aurifil for piecing and some of my quilting, and like the Sulky 30 wt variegated cotton for some quilting and thread painting.  Although I also love the golden sheen of the Glide sample I got (on the larger spool).


That’s it for now…tomorrow I’ll be back with…ta da… border auditions!!!



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