Dying Fabric for the Lake Washington Quilt: Part 3

So here’s the third and final installation  in the “Lake Washington Art Quilt” saga (dying fabric & creation of) …

I’m happy with the final outcome of the water fabric for “Lake Washington”, and started free-hand machine quilting the sky and water (piers and background).


But I don’t have the right color of fabrics for the hydrangea bushes in the foreground.  The only fabric I could find in my stash (besides piecing millions of tiny petals from individual fabrics) was this one…


Not at all the color of the blue hydrangeas I love so much in the Seattle area!  So…having blue dye still left over I decided to experiment by over-dying the fabric.


I tried two different strengths of dye with the soda ash solution, and placed cuts of the hydrangea fabric into containers.  After curing at least 4 hours, I rinsed them out, washed & dried them–and this was the result!  Much, much better…


So I began adding the hydrangea to the foreground, one flower at a time…


And then started the long task of outlining every little petal in different varigated blues, greens, and purples that I had in my lovely Sulky cotton thread stash…


The quilting took quite awhile over a few days–I had to take breaks or my eyes would go “buggy”!  (I need a neck and shoulder massage!!!)

But here’s the final result–not quite final–but at least quilted and ready to bind.


I’ll add another photo after it’s “really” done… 🙂

Happy Quilting!


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