2 Minute No Sew Christmas Napkin Ring

2 Minute No Sew Christmas Napkin Ring

Want to add a festive touch to your holiday table but don’t have a lot of time?  Here’s an easy, no sew, way to make a colorful poinsettia napkin ring in 2 minutes flat.

It’s a technique my sister-in-law taught me over (well we won’t mention how many) years ago.  I’ve perfected the pattern, but the idea is the same.  There’s no sewing involved, and all you’ll need is some inexpensive red and green felt squares (available at JoAnne Fabrics, and lots of other stores — be sure to use your coupon).


Click on the PDF pattern above and print it off (or create your own using mine as a guide) and cut out the three pieces.


Pin them to your felt–pieces A & C on RED and B on the GREEN–and cut them out with a scissors.


For the center hole in pattern B & C, simply fold in half & cut, refold in half the other way & cut so you have an X shape in the center like this…


To assemble, fold the RED A in half..


Pull the tips through the center hole of the GREEN felt B


And then through the center hole of the RED FELT C


and fluff by pulling the tips apart


Roll up your napkin (or fold) and slip it through the “ring” created by the RED A and your table is instantly transformed.




Now get creative—change the shapes of the outside leaves & petals…use different colors and you can make all sorts of flower napkin rings for every season of the year!

Wishing you all a Very Merry Christmas & Happy Holiday Season…And a very HAPPY and HEALTHY NEW YEAR!!

Until next time,


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