Quiltsy Team Charity a Day for National Quilt Month

Quiltsy Team Charity a Day for National Quilt Month

March is National Quilt month!
My Quiltsy Team (a group of quilting artists who sell their work on the Etsy.com website) is celebrating by featuring a different member each day and the charities they support.  So today I’d like to share photos of donations I’ve just finished up to give to Mikayla’s Grace.


Mikayla’s Grace is a local charity in my area that supports families with a baby in the NICU (neonatal ICU) and those who experience the death of an infant at hospitals throughout Wisconsin by providing NICU care packages that offer both practical and emotional support for parents.  They also reach out to comfort women who experience miscarriages.

I’ve knitted quite a few preemie hats throughout this past year, but when a call came out for special small items, it was an opportunity for me to try a new technique…combining quilting with crochet!  I’ve seen quilts that were made up of squares with crocheted edgings and then put together like a granny square afghan.

So, starting with small squares of cotton and soft flannel, I made little tiny quilts by sewing them right sides together,


with a quarter inch seam (leaving an opening to turn)


And then turning the right side out and top stitching around the edges.


I found yarn was too thick, but white pearl cotton was just the right size, to do a blanket stitch around the perimeter of the square.


That gave me something to anchor my crochet edge stitching to.  And then it was a matter of crocheting whatever edge stitch I desired around the entire square for several rows.


Here’s a few simple edgings done in green baby yarn (top) and blue cotton yarn (bottom). I liked using the soft baby (or sports weight) yarn the best.


And here’s a few more in coral and mint green.  You can see I tried to use the yarn to do the blanket stitch (one on the right), and although I like the look of it better I found it very difficult to thread and poke through the edging, so I went back to using the pearl cotton.


By folding, they make the cutest little wraps—you can see how small they are next to my hand…

Next I decided to make some little quilts for preemies out of some beautiful cotton fabrics and soft flannel.


Squares put together and backed with soft flannel.


Aren’t the chicks cute?  I love the bright, cheerful colors.  And here are a few more pieced in strips across the quilt with soft minky fabric on the back.


Last but not least, I added a couple of tiny knit afghans that I made out of soft yellow baby yarn with a blue crochet edging.  Can you see the “heart” created by the pattern? So fun.


I hope these small gifts bring love and comfort to the families they go to!

I’m so blessed to be a part of such  great Etsy Team.  Each member is not only creative, but so caring and generous.  Just this past month when one of our members found out about a need for quilts for victims of fires in Tennessee, our Quiltsy Team immediately went to work and made 67 quilts to donate to them–yup SIXTY SEVEN!!  An amazing group that I am so thankful for.

Until next time,



Mulberry Patch Quilts

One Block Wonder Spin Off Quilts!

One Block Wonder Spin Off Quilts!

On page 56 of the “One-Block Wonders” book by Maxine Rosenthal, she talks about creating “Sensational Squares” from some of your layered fabric.  After I finished cutting the 60 degree triangles for the OBW in the “Samba” fabric (see last week’s blog), I decided to cut a few of these squares in case I wanted to use them as connectors in my quilt.  She has you cut a four-layer square, then cut it from corner to corner, and sew the triangles back together into a square with a new design…like this.


I decided not to use them in my Samba Kaleidoscope quilt, and I didn’t want to waste them (of course!)…so I decided to challenge myself to come up with another way to use them!

First, I added a black border to each one:

First I laid them out on some blue fabric I happened to have in my stash, thinking an idea would come to me…but I couldn’t find a layout idea I liked…so

I got on my computer and used EQ7 (Electric Quilt) to try different designs until I finally decided on this star pattern, putting the squares in the center!

It took a little math to figure out what size to  make the squares to sew the easy-to-make triangle blocks the right size…

But I over-sized them, so it was easy to trim each one to the exact size I needed.

I had plenty of star blocks, so instead of one large quilt, I decided to make two baby quilts…

The first one has black sashing with an outer border of blue swirl from my Moda “Bungle Jungle” yardage:

Here’s my EQ7 rendering–

Baby black sash 2

And the final quilt top (yet to be quilted—I need to go shopping for a backing):


And here’s Quilt #2 which started out with white sashing,

BUT I thought the white sashing just blended in too much with the star blocks.  So after trying a few different sashings, I finally decided that I liked the addition of a strip of black in each sashing strip:


So here’s the finished top bordered with “Samba” fabric, ready to be quilted. (If I had to do it again, I would have made the cornerstones red.  I’ll use either a red or black binding.


What’s next in my Kaleidoscope exploration?

Well, I’m taking an online class from “Craftsy called Quilted Kaleidoscopes with Marilyn Foreman. I love it.  I found a wonderful fabric at Mill House Quilts, (“Jasmine” by Timeless Treasures).  I’m planning to make a kaleidoscope table runner that the instructor shows as one of several class projects.  I think the fabric is going to work beautifully for it, and I can’t wait to stack it up into four layers for this technique, cut squares out, and see what kaleidoscope effects will happen!

I’ll be sure share the results (good or bad) with you next time!

Until next time, HAPPY QUILTING!


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Sweet Serenade 9-Patch: Pt 2

Sweet Serenade 9-Patch: Pt 2

This was a snap to put together…but it’s easy to get the horizontal/vertical sashing out of line.

One “hint” I learned was to be sure to take your ruler and make a small mark at the edge of the body of the quilt top in line with the vertical sashing–so you can easily line up the seam of the next row.









I like to use either a water soluble pen or the new “Pilot FriXion pen” that disappears with the heat of the iron.  It’s great for temporarily markings like these–see my “review” of the FriXion pen here.









Here the top is finished…ready for quilting on my domestic machine.  I decided on straight line quilting to accentuate the sashing…



















The quilting & binding is done!  All that’s left is to take some photos and put it up for sale at the shop!  🙂









What’s next?

I was inspired by a recent YouTube Tutorial by the Missouri Star Quilt Company.  I’ve always liked the look of houndstooth, and have some Moda solid grey, black and white that might work…



Mulberry Patch Quilts