Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

Greetings from the cold tundra of Wisconsin!

I know, I know….spring is almost here.  But during this time of winter, after months and months of cold, snowy weather, it’s hard to believe.  Yesterday was glorious with sunshine, snow melting a bit, and a hint of spring…but today we’re anticipating 1-5 inches of snow overnight!

Such is Wisconsin and our “anything-can-happen” weather.

So what does a quilter do when they’ve been cooped up for months on end (that is, besides making quilts!)?…

...Snow dye, of course!

Snow dying is a way to dye fabric using snow!  I had forgotten I wanted to try this technique until I looked again at Pinterest and the board I have “Dying to Dye Fabric” with a link to Dharma Trading Company for their instructions:


So….I searched my stash for some white 100% cotton PFD (prepared for dying) fabric and cut 2 yards–one for each of two trays.  Using their directions, I soaked each yard in a soda ash solution for 10 minutes, squeezed out the solution, and set them in two plastic trays (found these from another project trying to grow seedlings in my basement–but it was too cold, didn’t work–but that’s another story).  I scrunched the fabric, making lots of peaks and valleys.

Next, the fun part — going in the back yard and finding some clean, fresh snow and piling it on top.

Then I poured the Procion Dye solution (see directions) over the snow!  I tried a blue and yellow on one tray–hoping for some greens to appear, and a turkey red and  orange on the other.

Now all I have to do is wait for the snow to melt, then cover them in plastic and bring them up to a warmer area (70 degrees plus) to let the cure overnight.

I’ll let you see the results tomorrow….. (to be continued)!