Baby Knit Hats for “Hope 2 Others” Charity

March is National Quilt month! My Quiltsy Team on Etsy (a group of quilting artists who sell their work on the website) is celebrating by featuring a different member each day and the charities they support.

So today I’d like to share photos of donations I’ve just finished up to give to Hope 2 Others, a non-profit based in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin, that operates with the mission of improving education and health care in developing countries.

I first heard about them through a “Hats 4 Hope” charity work day held at Mill House Quilts where we gathered to sew soft stretchy fleece baby hats.

One of the many ways “Hope 2 Others” helps is through their distribution of the Hats 4 Hope care kits that give at-risk babies a chance at life. 

For more info on the charity and their kits, watch the interview of Karen Klemp and Jane Krogstad on Sewing with Nancy: Nancy’s Corner.

It’s a brutal winter here in Wisconsin, so while I’m spending more time indoors, I like to do hand work in the evenings, and knitting a baby hat is an easy thing to make while catching up on a favorite TV show. This year I knit soft, stretchy hats in a variety of sizes, using up some beautiful yarns I already had on hand. There’s variegated blue & red, yellow & green, orange, and a variety of pink, white & baby blue.

I recently dropped all these off at Mill House Quilts (one of the many drop-off sites), and I hope they’ll be helpful and enjoyed.

They say that this simple gift can make a huge difference in the life of a child, where threat of death from infant hypothermia is a real concern. It takes just two minutes for a wet, newborn baby to lose a dangerous two degrees in body temperature. Most of this vital heat is lost through soft spots on a baby’s head.

From May-August, Tanzania experiences its rainy and winter seasons. Karen Klemp (founder) explained, “People don’t think countries along the equator are cool, but when you are in the mountains and at altitude and in the rainy season, it gets very chilly, and it does not take much for a baby to lose its heat.

If you’re interested in knitting a hat, I’ve developed a free pattern on my blog here. You can choose to add the striped hearts, or leave them plain.

Or if you prefer to sew hats instead of knitting, make the hats with fleece fabric. There’s a free pattern with a step-by-step tutorial at Nancy Zieman’s charity website.

If you live in south central Wisconsin, there are several drop off sites listed on their website, or you can mail your hats directly to their office address: Hope 2 Others, P.O. Box 1006, Sun Prairie, WI 53590.

Since there’s plenty of cold Wisconsin weather left, I’m going to keep those knitting needles clicking, and maybe add a few cuddly soft sewn 36 inch receiving blankets as well.

What charities do you support with your quilting, sewing, or knitting talents? I’d love if you’d share them in the comments section below!

Until next time, HAPPY QUILTING (or knitting),


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